Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Hello happy Wednesday! We had to get up nice and early this morning for Trevor's root canal. I went with him so I could pay. har har Merry Christmas Trevor haha. Just kidding sigh. He goes back on Monday for a temporary crown? Weird he goes back for that. He already has a temporary thing on there.  I think they just like to keep making you come in for shorter visits or something. Annoying.

While he was at his appointment I thought I'd go walk around Goodwill. I got there at 8:30 and I looked online to see what time they opened. It said 9 so I figured I'd just sit there and drink my coffee. While I was sitting there 2 cars came and left stuff under the no dumping sign. Then a few minutes later a guy walked over and took some stuff lol. I'm like well that's the way it should be, free to who needs it. Just as long as they aren't making a mess.

Trevor got done before anyone opened the store (they still weren't open at like 9:30, I think someone was sleeping in) so I went back and picked him up. I took the whole day off today. It is really nice outside so I was like this would be a good day to get gravel for our driveway. We have huge ruts again and leave a trail of dirt down the road whenever we leave. I'm sure the neighbors love us. 

$200 of grave. Well $150 of gravel and a $50 delivery charge.

Trevor and I got the 3 yards spread out a bit and filled in the holes. We tried squishing it down into the holes but one if them was squishing out when he'd drive over it with his truck. Sigh. Hopefully once it dries up a bit it will be better. I'm about ready to go buy some river rocks to fill the hole with. That was a lot of exercise this morning. I'm about ready for a nap.

Yesterday I attempted to go shoe shopping after work. I went to Famous Footwear which is running shoes and boot wear at the moment. I finally found some shoes that were neither of those tucked away in the back. I really need a wide shoe but they don't appear to carry any of those.  I finally found one uglyish pair of shoes that I can wear out that aren't running shoes or sandals. I definitely need to keep looking though and buy more shoes to add to my closet. If only I could just "buy them online" like Trevor says. Doesn't work when you have a wide part at the top of your foot and everything slides off at the heel. 

After I got home I got the batting cut out and zippers matched up for my current project pile. Now to fuse the batting on. I have a few cup cozies that came out of my unfinished projects box that need the back pieces cut out so still have that to do too. Then we'll be ready for a round of sewing! 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

wow that job with the gravel looked exhausting. Great job. C'mon over we are avoiding some of that kind of work getting done here. :-)

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