Saturday, November 19, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I woke up to my phone dinging. It took me a sec to wake up and figure out that it was the Instacart shopper. I had woken up at 3am and placed and order since we are out of everything but most importantly coffee creamer.  So before I was out of bed my order was here. Yeah me! 

Yesterday I was busy all day at work which was fantastic. I'll take being busy over being bored any day. I still have a crap ton of stuff that needs to be printed out so that's for next Tuesday, the only day I have to go into the office since Monday I have some sick leave to take Trevor to the dentist and I'm off Wed-Friday.  Unless I'm sick, which I think that I am coming down with a cold. GD it!

For lunch yesterday I went down to the flea market. It was too late in the day to shop but I got this for $7. I barely made a dent in it and saved the rest for Trevor. This chicken is so good and the noodles are slightly crunchy. 

Simon REALLY misses me when I go to work lol. I only came home for a little bit and then went to darts. I didn't win any games and didn't have a whole lot of fun because we were playing a team with a girl I don't really like but have to play nice lol. Our team only won 2 games out of 7 since the 2 guys on the other team got like 10 low tons (over 100 points). 

In between work and darts I was working on fixing my pictures up for Etsy. I got a few listed. I want to get them all packaged up so that is what I'm working on this morning.

I started watching the show Girls on HBO. It's a little cough cough sexual but it's also a bit dry humor which I find funny lol.

Ok on with the day. Time for a 2nd cup of coffee and maybe wash another tub of dirty dishes. I swear if I go to work they multiply by 100 when I get home. OHHH and that reminds me Trevor got a job! Woohooo woohoo. Just a part time one at UPS unloading trucks like Melissa did but he'll get out of the house. He's supposed to start on the 27th. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I swear everyone is getting sick - 2 years of masks and we have not built up any tolerance. I was at the grocery store the other day and I'd say 50% of the people were wearing masks. I think I may go back to it until winter is over.
It could be worse, we could live in Buffalo and have 5ft of snow or more.

Julie H said...

Right? I really debating wearing one at work the other day. Probably should.

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