Friday, November 25, 2022


Good morning happy Black Friday! I am not going out shopping. Might buy a couple things online maybe! 

Thanksgiving was nice and mellow. The only stress was waiting for the turkey to get done. I should have put it in about an hour earlier. It was fine in the end though!

Daniel sat on my lap while I ate. He wasn't too into eating last night. Probably too much going on.

Little miss being cute bouncing around

Super casual eating, I need to buy more folding chairs I think. They are so handy for these kinds of things.

She's like gimmie some food! She's going to be happy once she gets big people food.

Being ornery haha. My friend Dee gets the kids holiday outfits, so fun!

So glad I took today off. Tiny bit wish I would have done the booths out by the Movie Theater like I used to do but also glad I got to sleep in. Scott actually has today off too so that is nice for him. He'll be coming home in a bit.  He is going to pick us up a few things at the grocery store. I was going to do Instacart but he said he could go. Can't have a turkey sandwich without any bread! I don't think we have enough turkey to do lunch and dinner tonight either!

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