Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Hello happy hump day! It's 2:00 already. I actually had enough work stuff to keep me busy for the morning.

Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store and then came home and finished cutting out my sunflower fabrics. Now to cut pick and cut the linings for them all. That always takes awhile since I have to go through my stash to find what I want to use.

I got this little bed for Snookie. Tubz is modeling how she is an XXXXL lol 
Simon was trying to steal it for a toy but I think I got her to leave it alone now. I put it next to my bed and ended up putting a tote box at the end of my bed blocking the way out so Snookie couldn't pace back and forth through the house all night. That worked well. She still cried a little and tried to get on the bed but I think she'll get over it eventually. Definitely not as bad as the night before.

It's all over cast and ugly out the windows. November sucks but at least my power bill is lower! Until we have to use the heater more. I've just been putting it on a tiny bit here and there so far. 


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