Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Friday!

Yesterday was so busy!!

Here's my day:

6:20 get up, then remember Jess goes to school later because of testing, go back to bed.

7:20 get up, get little kids ready, take them to school.

8:15-9:00 read emails, eat breakfast, read blogs and message boards

9:00 take shower and get ready to go

9:30 take Jess to school

10:00 drive to Modesto along with every big semi truck travelling through the valley

10:30-11:00 shop at craft store

11:00 drive to old work to meet friend for lunch

11:20-1:15 visit with old work friends and decide I don't miss working there too much but kind of do

1:45 pick up little kids from school early

2:15 pick up Jess and team mate and drive them to softball game place

2:45 go to scrapbook store in Ripon

3:30-6:30 wait for softball game to start, watch softball game, pray it will be over SOON!

7:00 hit McD's for dinner, go in so kids can wash hands and get it to go

7:30 get home, and read book until I pass out

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