Saturday, April 25, 2009

Remember When?

Well it was only 10 days ago, when I posted about my 7 day meal plan off the Kraft Foods Site.

Food for SEVEN meals.

So we had the Quick Fix Beef Burrito Skillet

The Layered Fiesta Casserole

Barbecue Beef Filled Biscuits

Next up was Creamy Pasta Primavera

I didn't use asparagus since I'm the only one that really likes it here.

Verdict: Don't think the younger 2 ate it. Jessica picked through it a bit. I think Scott liked it and I thought it was really good. Might make it again some time.

Then we had Cheddar Chicken Rice Skillet

I've made this one before and it's pretty good!

Verdict: as usual little kids hate it (I think they survive on cereal). Can't remember if Jess ate it or not. Scott and I both liked it judging by how much was left over (one serving).

Now this! Bruscheeta Chicken Skillet

Verdict: I actually heard Scott moan when he ate this. I'll say it's a keeper. Little kids didn't eat it as usual. Jess must not have been home since there was quite a bit left over.

Tonight is Easy Baked Manicotti which I have made before and is a winner!

Sorry no picture it has a video on it.

So there you go, 7 meals. I need to figure out what everyone is going to eat next week while I am recovering.Pin It


Mary said...

I'm in a dinner slump right now, this post is awesome! Just what I needed! For example: last week we had fend for yourself night every night. Yup, every night.

MrsM said...

Hi there~I'm stopping over from SITS. I love your crafts (I saw the bookmarks and some baby announcements)!

I just wanted to say that yes, in fact, small children can sustain themselves on cereal and juice. Our oldest (5) goes through phases where he only wants to eat specific things and he will only eat the very teeniest bite of everything else I try to give him.

So not only can kids survive on cereal alone, but they can do it on PB&J, and MacNCheese, and Chicken Nuggets......=)

Chris H said...

YUMM YUM YUM... they all look delicious!

Gordostyle said...

Oh... thanks for just making my grocery list for me! :o) I'm seriously trying it all!


honkeie said...

I have the best 7 day plan the kids will love.....Mon-Sun mac and cheese.....enough said!

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