Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day 1992

Yes, I'm doing a 2nd post tonight/day. It's 1:00 in the morning WTH am I wide awake for?? Anyhow, I was reading Barb's blog and she had a mention of Earth Day and I was like OMG I totally wanted to post about my Earth Day Experience.

Back in 1992 I was still in high school. Senior year and I had my first "real" boyfriend. He was a bit on the hippy side. His mom was a bit more on the hippy side. They were cool people though. He was into leather crafts and they used stones for healing pain and such.


I of course, was in love but that's all besides the point.

So it's Earth Day and I got invited along with his Mom and a few friends and the boy toy to go to the Earth Day Festival in Davis. One of the friends happened to be a girl that was a bit jealous of me. That was a nice feeling. I haven't had that happen much in my life lol. I remember her telling me that she had heard that a non smoker kissing a smoker was like kissing an ash tray. I said I didn't know because I smoked too.

Yeah I'm a rebel like that.

So we drive to somewhere near Sacramento and meet up with some more losers hippy people and caravan over to UC Davis. We get out and all go our seperate ways.

This is where we should have made a plan on WHEN we were meeting up to leave.

So we walk around and this is all pretty new to me. I mean people in my family BRUSH their hair not just let it mat up and call it a hair style. One of the things that stands out the most in my memory were twin toddlers with DREADS being pushed around by their hippy mother.

At one point we walked back to the car but no one was there so we went and walked around a bit more. Then we came back to the car.

But the car was GONE.

Him=My mom must have left

This is in the days before cell phones.

Well some people had car phones but definitly not people that went to the Earth Day Festival.

Me, being the smart thinker that I was, called my friend. Her sister went to UC Davis and sometimes had to drive her back there after a weekend at home. LUCKY US, she had to do just that on this day!

So we had to wait around for a bit, but my wonderful friend picked us up and drove us home. That's what you call a TRUE FRIEND. She didn't drive us to HER home, she drove us ALL THE WAY HOME which was another 1/2 an hour out of her way.

When we got to his house, his Mom wasn't there. I think she had went back to the friend's house to hang out for a bit. When she finally arrived she just said she figured we had got our own ride home.

Nice huh?

Haven't been back to an Earth Day Festival since.Pin It


Gordostyle said...

OMG... what is wrong with people? Nice mom! NOT! Thank God for friends though!


Gordostyle said...

P.S. Hope your surgery goes well and you up and around quick! Well that is... after you get some much needed R&R! And by that I mean... after the pain is gone and then you milk the R&R for what it's worth! HA!

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