Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday. I don't have any pictures from yesterday so here is my negative covid test I took this morning lol.

Ugh I haven't been this sick since I actually had covid, but I don't have a fever so that is good. Slept like crappola so we'll see how long I make it without a nap.

Yesterday I did our taxes. We have to pay a bunch to federal and get a bit back from state. I was telling Scott we should probably check our withholdings and he's like I think I'm still claiming 4. Well there is the problem! Sheesh. Gotta get that fixed up. At least they didn't earn interest off our money I guess haha. I kind of knew that we were going to have to pay, it sucks. We don't have any deductions but my side hustle and Trevor living here. The side hustle doesn't count for much since I actually made a bit of a profit. I can only imagine how much these young you tuber entrepreneurs have to pay in taxes. It must be outrageous. Or they have good accountants. Might try that route next year. It is not that much more for the one my mom used than doing it on my own, like $100. If he can save me a grand it would be worth it.

So I haven't been over to the mother in laws all week. I guess the neighbor went over to check on her a few times during the days. Nice of the neighbor but a lot to ask of someone who is not related and wasn't even a close friend. I'm sure MIL eats it up though. So much for helping out for one more week. Even though I've been sick I feel so much better mentally not being over there. Now if only I could get my husband to come home. Even though he drives me nuts sometimes I like having him around ;)

I'm hoping I'm better by Easter. I have planned nothing. Should probably talk to the kids and see what they want to do. Hopefully I'll be done coughing by then. I'm glad I picked up an Easter basket for Daniel when I went to Wal Mart a week or so ago. I'm sure there is nothing left now.

There is this guy at work who is constantly doing small parts of my job and it drives me nuts. He got a position in another office but is staying on a bit to "help out". I'll be glad when he is gone lol. He came from another state so they do things differently there. Mostly because they have tiny little offices and ours is huge in comparison. I'm just like don't you have enough to do without doing the admin side of things? I'm not over there trying to do his job. So annoying. I kind of feel like if they take away all the little pieces of my job eventually they'll be like oh guess we didn't need her. I need to stay important haha. At least about 14 more years until I can retire. Ugh that is so long. We'll see if I make it. Not that I want 14 years to go by just that who knows what will happen to my job/our lives by then.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm sorry you're feeling bad Julie. It sucks.
Take it easy on yourself!!

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