Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Busy Day!

 Ahhh I've finally got all those letters done. Now just waiting for my boss to sign them all and then go back into work to print them out and mail. 

Yesterday I went to swap cars with Jessica in the morning and when I got in my car it had 7 miles of gas left in it. It is 11 miles to the gas station. So I had to come back home and had Trevor put what we had in the gas can for the lawnmower in my car. Then I'm on my way and just down the road and get to wait for this. I'm like I'm never getting to work.  They were putting gravel along the side of the road. Yeah more broken windshields to come. I still need to replace mine..

I got off work at 1 (more like 1:15 but whatever) and then came home for a few minutes to take the dogs out and brush my teeth. Then off to the dentist. I swear the people that work at the dentist office are so awkward.  I got some x rays and then they put me in the room to wait for the hygienist with this on the screen. Like LOOK. JUST LOOK at how ugly your teeth are. Who wants to look at that?

The hygienist here is like a little ninja  with knives cutting up your gums. Hurts so bad. I always have to get the extra cleaning because I'm old.  This time she had the water sprayer thing shooting right into that part in the back of my throat that always makes me cough and sputter when I sip water the wrong way. I had to stop her several times so I could choke cough. TG I was wearing a pad since of course that makes me pee my pants too. I'm so fancy. I told her it felt like she was drowning me. Which she brought back up later so I know she didn't like that. What is so funny is my daughter said she had told her the same thing when she did her teeth. Guess it's not just me..

Apparently I have no cavities but who really knows since the Dr didn't actually check my teeth other to blow some air on them after I told him that they are sensitive when getting cleaned. Yeah thanks! The cute dentist apparently only sees the big cases now. The last 2 times I had a woman dentist who was like eh ok. This guy did nothing. I have to go back in three months for another torture cleaning so I'm sure if I have any problems that's enough time to fix things. Next time I am going to do a couple shots in the parking lot before I go in so I can relax a bit sheesh.

After the dentist I went and got my hair cut. It looks nothing like I was hoping so no picture haha. I did come home and decide I definitely needed bangs instead of just some blended in bangs so cut some of those myself. We'll see how it looks next time I try to do something with it. Probably tomorrow if I go into work. I think it might need to be a little bit shorter.

This is Rusty when I get home. MY GOD MOM I THOUGHT YOU DIED. How did the dogs ever survive with me being gone 9 hours every day.  Look how gray his face is getting :( He is getting so lumpy too. It's too bad dogs can't live forever. 

My mom has been going through pictures. She sent me this one last night. She said it is my brother Louie but it looks a lot like my brother Joey. Hmmmm

This is at my step dad's mom's house. If you look real close you can see his dad in the background. I don't remember a whole lot about anything he ever said but I remember he would poor his coffee in his saucer and drink it from there when we sat at the kitchen table visiting. She made the coffee in a metal percolating coffee pot on the stove so it was probably pretty hot. I imagine that was his way of cooling it off. My mom isn't a big coffee drinker but she used to add like 1/2 a cup of water to the coffee there because it was so strong haha.

And see those ribbons hanging down, those were my barrettes. I think we might have made those in girl scouts. This was either 1982ish or 1984ish depending on which brother that is. 

Here is what they looked like (not my store)

Anyone else remember making those?

Well that's all the excitement I have today. I need to make a shopping list for Easter stuff. I asked my kids what they want for Easter Dinner and 2 out of 3 said nachos. Well that's easy. Was thinking maybe some steak to go with it. We need a new BBQ. We keep borrowing the one at Jessica's house but we need to go buy ourselves a new one. Ours has died. At one point my mom inquired about maybe coming for Easter but now she says no even though her and my dad both had their vaccines. Sheesh. Never going to hang out with them again apparently.

Ok have a great rest of your day!

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