Friday, March 26, 2021

Random Friday Thoughts

 Good morning! Wohooo it's Friday!

I have so much stuff to do today it is crazy but first I need to drink some more coffee. I didn't take any pictures yesterday except for one of nothing I took when I was falling asleep haha. Anyone else ever do that? I usually look at Tik Tok until I start nodding off. 

I was awake early today since Tina the naughty cat kept getting on top of the seedlings we planted the other day. The lid is very noisy like one of those clam shell cake containers. I had it on top of the refrigerator and I kept waiting for all that soil to hit the floor. God that would have been a mess to clean up. So it is relocated to the top of the stove at the moment. I need to put it by the window in my room I think but I need to make it a little bit more naughty cat proof.

Also awake because I forgot I didn't have a gall bladder and ate all the fatty things yesterday. My stomach is like WTF you beotch you must pay!  Some day maybe I'll learn.

I should probably do Instacart again today since I have no food left. Or send Trevor to the store, he'd probably like that. 

I got the stimulus money deposited into my account the other day. I have now got all the payment methods. Check (went towards the septic), Card (still have most of that since ugh have to go somewhere to get it off of the card..), and now the direct deposit. So now I'm like should I plunk that all down on some bills?  Go on a trip? Pay off most of what's left of the Parent Loan I have? Decisions decisions. 

Many moons ago I sent everyone in my house a text explaining that I had retired from doing their laundry. Sometimes I'll wash Scott & Trevor's just to be nice. Well I haven't washed Scott's clothes in awhile and he's down to like 5 things in his closet. Like at what point should you maybe wash some of your clothes? I think he's just waiting for me to give in again. All his dirty clothes are going to be taken out to the garage today but he'll have the whole weekend he can work on washing them so I think I'll leave them for him ;) 

OH yesterday I finally signed up for a craft show! It is April 17th. The woman who is putting it on is someone I have done a few shows with (she had booths there) and she is quite the character. Usually end up talking to her the whole time when we are near each other. So even if it is small or a flop I am still looking forward to it to get out. I don't even know what I have anymore since I just keep making stuff and putting it in my boxes. I will have had my 2nd vaccine by then too so I will feel a bit more comfortable about that.

Also I did not have to go into Jury Duty. Mixed feelings about that. I'm good until January now. 

Ok off to get another cup of coffee and figure out my time card. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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