Friday, October 7, 2016

TGIF & A Long Weekend

Oh I am so happy it is Friday! The best part is that Trevor has next week off school so no homework. Unless of course he gets some of the math homework he needs to make up. The teacher said she would email it to me but so far I haven't seen it.

Scott's angiogram is now approved by the insurance. At first they had denied it, which, hello it's a test to find out if you have heart problems ordered by a cardiologist. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't just be doing that for fun. So that is scheduled for Tuesday. That means I have a 4 day weekend although that last day is going to be super stressful (Monday is Columbus Day so I have that off).

I've went off the deep end and I'm in a couple of Facebook groups for Vintage Sheet collectors/sellers. On this one people will take pictures of their "sheet changes" and how their beds are made up with their vintage sheets/blankets etc. Check this one out.

I had to save the picture to show my friend Traci since she loves LOVES loves the Wizard of Oz. Like obsessed lol. The woman who owns it said that she bought it at an auction.

Trevor found Buster sleeping in this box. I use that box to store my serger in (some day I'll get a grown up one). He's so funny. He is such a lover. When I go to bed each night he'll come and lay down between me and whatever I'm reading (usually my phone) and demand pets. Hard to believe he's 13 now. Old kitty!

Yesterday I made this recipe (kind of) for dinner. I goofed a bit and had just poured all the liquid in the pan and then decided that was good enough. Also I removed the chicken skin because that's just gross. It was really good and sadly no left overs.

After dinner I went to "Entertainment Committee" where we were working on making some tombstones to decorate for the Halloween Trunk or Treat. They want to put these on the main road going into the club for fun. Ginny had them pre-cut out of some Styrofoam and painted so we just added some shading and "words". How do you like mine?

I got this idea off the internet of course.

It will be fun to see them all put out.

Are you decorating for Halloween? I still need to get my boxes out. I haven't decorated in a long time but I kind of feel like it now!

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Runbunsoff said...

Your parties and decorations always look so fun and creative. I do a tiny bit of Halloween decorating. I usually wait till the 31st and pull out the stuff for the night. Bummer its on a Monday this year.

Chris H said...

I think your tombstones are neat! We don't 'do' Halloween ourselves, but it is slowly getting to be another festive thing here. I put a notice on our door saying we don't give out sweets.
I really can't get over the feeling that it's wrong to let your kids go to strangers doors asking for sweets, when for the rest of the year we tell them NOT to take sweets from strangers! Weird.

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