Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday when I got home I went out and tried to find a place to take a better picture of my little denim garland I made. I think I'll put a couple nails in the side of the garage or shed next time I try it. These will do for now I guess!

One from in my room
 2 tied together

close up for Etsy lol

For dinner I made this homemade hamburger helper type recipe. It was basically like spaghetti with more vegetables. It was ok but I'm not a huge pasta lover (I used gluten free pasta & ground turkey for this)

After dinner I went over to my friend's house to work on some Halloween party prep. Actually I more like ran away because Trevor was working on homework and I was getting stressed out.

I found out about a week ago that Trevor has not been doing his homework like he says he has been and is basically failing all his classes (including PE!?!) So now it's time for an ass whooping and I feel like I'm the one being punished since I have to sit next to him to make sure things are getting done.

So that was my Wednesday night after work. Oh you had stuff you wanted to do? Too bad, you get to help with homework. Being a parent sucks sometimes lol.

For dinner I made turkey chili from Skinnytaste and of course cornbread from my Better Homes & Garden Recipe book.

So while my son was doing his homework I was going through some mail. This piece of junk mail is PLASTIC. Like why would you go through that expense? It's from Blue Cross/Blue Shield. No wonder their insurance is so expensive.

After we FINALLY got done with homework Trevor and I went to the gym. He missed two days of school when he was sick. Apparently you have to MAKE UP PE when you are sick. The teacher had this huge list of detailed reports and stuff to do and then at the bottom of the page it said you could just exercise for 45 minutes with parent verification. DONE!

Well almost, he has one more day to make up.

I did some walking and running on the treadmill. Would have been easier if there was something more interesting on the TV's.

Added a few more miles to my Yes.Fit Alice's Adventure Virtual Run. Only 7ish more miles to get my medal. I really need to get a hanger to put them all on.

My friend was emailing me how she was depressed, and I was depressed too. I was looking through some Pinterest things and noticed this board someone made. Too funny! "Icky Man Board". I sent it to my friends and they laughed too.

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Chris H said...

OMGosh to the Ikky Man Board!!! Your garland is adorable, I love the way you have used buttons to join them together. I'm going to be making buntings for Keera's room, which is a similar type of thing.

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