Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy Birthday To Scott


I took a little break there. I got all wrapped up in that vintage sheet business. Then the other day I got KICKED OFF one of the Facebook groups. WTH? These people take their sheets too seriously. Apparently I had posted some "not vintage enough" things for sale on there or something.  No warning or anything, just BAM! that group you've been socializing and selling on is now blocked from your view. Pretty nasty if you ask me. There's other groups out there, but of course not as fun as that one. (Obviously this is a 1st world problem)

Today is Scott's birthday and he is the big 46! I told him happy birthday this morning and he didn't respond so I'm guessing he's not liking this birthday business too much. He did however finally decide where he wants to go to dinner tonight so that's good. I need to whip him up a cake when I get home. I forgot to buy candles though so I might have to dig and see if we have any we can recycle ;)

His angiogram on Tuesday went pretty well, he didn't have any blockage to speak of just some "plaque" but his arteries are really big? so they weren't concerned about it (then). At my insistence they told him to take baby aspirin along with going back on his Coumadin and then also take Eliquis so that his blood levels would get back to where they need to be. I may have kind of got annoyed with the doctor and him with me when I asked him what we do next since he doesn't have any blockage. He was like "oh he just needs to exercise". I told him he used to exercise all the time but stopped because his heart rate goes up so high, so fast. Then he actually drew me a chart on the white board explaining how he has to "train up". Apparently he doesn't read my blog.

So that was pretty discouraging to think that now they were just done trying to figure out what was wrong, like it's all just in your head. We spent a couple days moping around. Yesterday he went back to the doctor (I didn't go this time) and he's taking him off the Coumadin and just having him take the Eliquis and the baby asprin. We'll see how that goes. I think the only way you know it's not working is if you have a reaction or get a blood clot. Hopefully he'll have neither of those. Also now the doctor wants to do a cholesterol work up, which I thought he probably would have done when he just did fasting blood work before his procedure but what do I know. Apparently he didn't. (Anyone else think this is just a way to cha-ching! get more money out of the insurance). According to the EOB's it's $160 for an office visit.  It's a good thing he has two insurances now.

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Chris H said...

Some Doctors are just arses. I hope Scott is indeed OK, and not in any danger of a blood clot! Those suckers hurt if they get in ya lungs! As for the $$$'s, yep you can bet your bottom dollar is all about making the insurance companies pay more.

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