Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving the long weekend!

Yesterday we went over to my brother's to hang out.
Trevor entertained himself on the way over there with my phone.

Future Facebook/Myspace Profile picture taker.

My other brother wasn't going to come over because he had to go into work at 3am but after some begging they came over for a little bit so we could see the baby.

Isn't she cute? We always sit at a table outside and they hooked up this swing right next to us. Nothing like being rocked to sleep!

My parents came over too. They BBQ'd some tri tip, and chicken. I always kind of raid my cabinets before we go over there to add a few things to the meal. Yesterday it was a pasta salad and some baked beans. Yummy!

The youngest brother left right after dinner and my parents not too long after. We stayed until after 2am. I haven't stayed up that long since I went to Vegas I think!
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1 comment:

Chris H said...

2am! hell I havn't stayed up that long in ages either! Cute bubba.

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