Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Good morning! I think it is Wednesday... so tired this morning for some reason.

Yesterday afternoon I went with the kids to one of those fancy ultra sound places so they could find out the sex of the baby. 

It's a girl! Exciting to have one of each now for them. Jess was hoping for a boy so she's coming to terms with it haha.

She is only 16 1/2 weeks so looks like a little alien still. Here she's like laying on her back in a bathtub lol. She'd put her hand up over her face here and there.

Before the ultra sound they ran a few errands with me and this guy in the back seat. I kept trying not to barf and be a back seat driver ;)  I had 2 crunchy tacos from Del Taco so my first "fast food" since getting back on track. We went to a park for a few minutes and he had fun running around and going down the slides.

I found this cool app that takes the background out of your pictures and makes it white so I spent a bunch of time working on Etsy listings last night. They look so much better! I think I got most of the cozy/coaster combos done. Just need to do some of the bigger ones.

Scott took my car again today so I think I am going to do Instacart since I'm out of a lot of stuff now. I just had soup for dinner last night, only one of those left so I'll probably eat it for lunch. Down another pound this morning, I hope it stays off lol. The farther I get away from the 200 number the better. 

I have a few emails to do this morning so I guess I should get those done! It took a lot to get out of bed this morning, probably anemic from bleeding to death ;)

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