Monday, January 17, 2022


Good morning happy no work Monday! Woohoo! 

So we had my  mom's party on Saturday and Sunday morning my sister in law texted me that Emma tested positive for Covid. So yeah. Now we've all been exposed. Lets hope we all don't get it. I'm glad my kids couldn't make it to the party. She wasn't looking sick at all at the party so it is crazy how the kids come down with it so quick. So far no one else in their house is sick. Between that and Jess and the baby having a cold last week I'm playing do I need to dust or am I dying while I drink a bunch of Emergen C. 

I finished my little St. Patrick's Day Mug Rugs, I'm going to put them on Etsy soon. Who knows if they'll sell but I did something with the little fabric pieces haha. 

I had some little St Patrick's Snoopy pieces I was going to work on but decided I didn't want to and put them away for another day. 

I have these little panels I bought off someone on Facebook. I think she makes them herself. I pulled them out again to decide what to do with them. I picked this one to work on and did some machine quilting on it.  Look how pretty the back of the panel is after quilting it up. I kind of want to get a sewing machine that is made to do that now.  I really enjoy it.

Way back when I deconstructed a bunch of Scott's old jeans and made a quilt top (actually 2 of them) but never finished it and I have been thinking of cutting it up for bags. I finally did it. I sewed along all the seams and I like it! Just need to cut out the straps and figure out what I want for the lining and do that part. I wish I had kept the pockets and stuff but I think I threw them out. Might have to look through my boxes one more time to make sure I did. I'm only putting batting where the picture is since the denim is heavy enough without it.

Dinner last night, sheet pan teriyaki ginger sesame chicken. Minus the ginger that I didn't have lol. I only used 1/4 of the red pepper flakes because I'm over all these too spicy recipes. Sheesh. It was plenty warm without burning me up.

Also had this salad, It was good

Today is officially 2 weeks since I started back counting calories and I am down 6.8 pounds. I'll take it! I was able to wear a pair of jeans to my mom's birthday that were way too tight not that long ago. I had actually gained about 10 more pounds then where I started 2 weeks ago when we were first staying home and everything was locked down.

I saw this on Instagram and kind of cracked up. If you don't know fruit is vegan I don't think you should be vegan.. just saying.

And the most exciting thing about today!! This car finally left the yard!! I'm so happy!  Now to work on getting rid of the boat lol.

Ok off to read some blogs! Have a good day!

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Annsterw said...

Nice - you get part of your yard back - LOL!!! My sister has that same issue! HA HA! Your craft work is always so good. That recipe sounds delish - thank for sharing it! Congrats on being down and counting calories...that is the key for me too! I have no portion control. Glad you had the day off - have a great short week!

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