Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday!
I just got a reminder notice of a staff meeting this morning. Booooo. They are doing them once a week for awhile which is ::yawn:: 52 too many.

Here is my only different meal from yesterday. The last egg thing so I had some cottage cheese to fill it out. Scott took my car again today so I'm either going to have to Instacart stuff or have him get a few things when he goes to the store for his mom.

I finished all my little projects I was working on last night. Now to do something more creative since those got boring lol

While I sew I watch You Tube or Netflix when I'm caught up on all my You Tubers. My friend was like oh did you watch Hollywood? I didn't think so but when I went and looked I was a few episodes in when I abandoned it. I decided to finish watching it and bleh. She loved it but I did not.

Then I decided to force myself to finish season 4 of Cobra Kai. Thank God it finally picked up. The first couple episodes were so boring. I was thinking they need better music. That is part of what made the first Karate Kid so good. 

Then I started watching StartUp. Now this is more my speed of movie minus all the unnecessary sex scenes. They definitely tried too hard in that department. I have to keep turning it down because there is nothing more awkward than sex scenes with your 18 year old boy right next to you. I peeked and this show is a bunch of seasons so it will keep me busy for awhile unless I get annoyed with it ;)

Yesterday Aunt Flo arrived a week early. What the hell is that? So rude. Amazingly I had a big weight drop this morning. Hopefully it stays off all week. They are having a birthday party for my mom on Saturday with Chinese food though so that will probably mess me up a bit. 

I'm going with the kids today to find out the gender of the new baby at one of those peek a boo places. That is at like 4:30 in Modesto so towards the end of the day. I haven't left the house/neighborhood in awhile it feels like. I think the last time I left the neighborhood was to go grocery shopping on the 3rd.  Just a bit!

The Covid numbers are crazy high here now. My friend who works at a school is like they should just close it down. She is in charge of keeping track of all the sick students and staff. The school sent home tests kits with everyone before the break so everyone can test themselves at home. She said there is a crazy amount of people out. They don't even have enough subs to cover all the sick teachers and staff.  I'll definitely be wearing my mask when I go out today. They are required anyways but sheesh.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

no one will like me but I think we need a lockdown again. If only vaccinated this would go away far sooner.
Are you close to 50 yet? those periods will get weirder and then finally gone soon. I recall a dumb woman telling me that she was sorry I no longer had periods because she will cry when hers ends. She went on to explain that each month she has her period and knows she is a woman. WTF? No,that is not how I define myself. Not having a cycle means wearing anything you want whenever you want. White pants, no problem. Vacation, when? Sure no problem. So you have something to look forward to, just not those weekly meetings.

Julie H said...

@Peg, I'll be 48 in a couple weeks. That's crazy! I don't need to bleed to death to know I'm a woman lol

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