Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! It is 47 this morning so not as cold but I still should put some socks on haha.

I was busy all day yesterday but feel like I didn't really get anything done!

I still need to go out and change the laundry over with the Christmas tablecloth and tree skirt (hope that didn't die in the washer). I did get new labels made for my boxes. Just waiting on that stuff to be done to put it out in the shed. That requires me to go outside so I haven't done that yet lol.

Tina helping me with things by throwing them on the floor. She gets so excited when the printer goes off she knocked these all over. I guess I should find somewhere else to put them.

For fun I printed this out for my online sales this year. So far I've got Texas and Ohio colored in.

I made a menu and a shopping list for the week. The store was out of a few things. Like the entire premade salad section lmao.

I'll have to have Scott get me a couple things if they have them when he goes today. My pack of chicken drumsticks I picked up was missing the label so I told them not to worry about it since there was a big line and she was almost done ringing me up. I made stew for dinner and it was delicious. I may have had two bowls. Somehow lost 2 pounds so I'll take it (probably was just bloated when I weighed in yesterday lol) Back down to the 200.6, oh so lovely fighting with that 200 number.

Trying to decide what to eat since I said I'd go to bunco as a sub today at noon. People usually bring food but I forgot to pick something up for that. Might have to see if I can scrape something together. Hopefully I can behave myself and not eat all the yummy stuff haha.

The plan is to make Taco Soup for dinner tonight.

We got an email this morning that says 

"We do not expect employees who are currently in maximum telework status to begin returning to the physical workplace until further notice."

Well alrighty then. Not surprised really since the numbers are so high. I kind of wish I had thought more before I said I'd sub at bunco. We have darts on Friday too. Darts is against a team that is really good so I half want to ask Scott if Trevor can sub for him so I don't have to hear him whine about how they are gong to kick our ass. Kind of kills the fun of the game ;)

Only real thing on my list to do today is to get that Christmas stuff done washing and clean up the house a bit. It looks like a bomb went off in it. My back has been hurting really bad for some reason so hopefully that goes away soon.


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