Saturday, January 15, 2022


 Good morning happy Saturday! I slept in until a glorious 9:30 this morning. Although I was up at 3 something when Rusty wanted to go out.

Still never got groceries, Jess cleaned out her freezer the other day and brought some stuff over.  I opened this pack for lunch and was like that's so weird they are 2 different sizes. I sent the picture to Jess and she said she combined two packs lol. I ate the big ones and ended up tossing the little ones so I wouldn't eat them all (home alone lol)

I ended up watching the baby for a couple house so we had hodge podge casserole for dinner.

I ran out of the little bags I was putting my mug rugs in after fixing up the pictures so I stopped that project (just have holiday ones left anyhow) and did some cleaning up. I found my hoard of empty thread spools (in two locations) and put them all together, sorted and listed to my other Etsy shop for sewing supplies. I was surprised I sold something already this morning! $6 for trash, I'll take it! Love that people will use these for crafts and keep them out of the landfill.

I also found a whole bin of beading stuff. Jess has been into playing with beads so I pulled them out for her to use what she wants. I traded it over to a cardboard box for her to take so I have another empty small bin woohoo. 

Look at this beauty! For the first time that I've noticed an outside cat was paying attention to my inside cats lol. Tina was going crazy talking to this one through the window. I sent a picture to my neighbor and she said it is one of the kittens from last year that looked like my little Princess (bottle fed baby). So this one is not fixed yet :( I wish I could just grab them and take them in but they are mostly feral (neighbor feeds them). 

My mom had mentioned wanting to see what I came up with for some St Patrick's Day mug rugs so I pulled out what I had for St. Patrick's fabric. I vaguely remember cutting these all apart last year while doing masks and then putting them in a bag. They are so cute! I went through and pulled out my scraps/small pieces to see have out to work with.

and here is a finished set for her birthday present :)
I have enough little cut outs to do one more set. Then I have some cute dog St Patty's fabric too so I might do a set with those. I pulled out some Valentine's fabrics too to play with if I don't get bored of them.

We are going to my brother Joe's house for my mom's birthday party at 1:00 today. Chinese food so I am nervous I'm going to gain weight from it. This is where I'm like does counting calories make me turn into having an eating disorder? I'm still going to eat it but won't be piling my plate high ;) So far I'm down 7.4 pounds so that's exciting to see progress!

Scott went to get his truck smogged. Hopefully it passes. Every time he has to do this he says he's going to sell it but he never does lol. OHH and he brought home a trailer to take away the piece of shit car that's been in our yard for like 10 years!! If it actually leaves I am going to be SO EXCITED!! I've been trying to get him to get rid of it for years. He originally brought it home to work on for some guy then the guy never gave him any more money to work on it so it just sat here forever. I kept pressuring him to get rid of it the last couple years and then his boss bought it from the other guy and started paying for him to fix it up. He's done a bit here and there but it is nowhere near looking like a full car. Plus a I think a bunch of crap for it is in the shed too. That would be nice to get that out of there.

Ok need to take a shower in a few minutes and figure out what to wear. I probably should have washed some clothes! Luckily I have mostly been wearing sweats and stuff I wouldn't wear out anyways haha.

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