Sunday, January 23, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Scott went over to our friend's house yesterday afternoon and did a few too many shots and ended up spending the night there. He's now doing a nice soft snore in the recliner. I expect him to be there all day lol.

I stayed home and played with my paper some more.  Here is the start of yesterday's day

and today I'm down to one basket of trimming up.

I was thinking about the Coal Miner's Daughter movie yesterday so I rented it on Amazon Prime for $3.99, remember when you used to have to get in the car and hope the video store had the movie you wanted. One good thing about the future lol.

This popped up in the free movies after so I watched it. Cheesy as can be. Yeah it's nice to think only good thoughts will make the world better and money and love magically appear. 

I had texted Trevor Dad's gone pick us up something but he didn't get it in time so we went and ate Mexican food. This place's portions keep getting smaller and the price keeps going up. The taco nearest me had one piece of meat on it. The other one was fine though, weird. They used to fill the entire plate with food. Not that I need that much but just interesting seeing how they are "making it work". The salsa was so good I could have just ate that all night. And yes, the scale is up a bit today but not too bad lol. Trevor also brought home some pastries from work and I ate one. Sigh. There are 2 left calling to me in the kitchen right now. 

Not sure If I'm babysitting today or not, need to check with Jess. If I am I need to vacuum and clean up my donate piles in the entry way. He'd love playing with that stuff lol. Ok off to chop up some more paper :)

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