Friday, October 10, 2008

Guess What I'm Doing

Bet you think I'm eating soup huh?

I'm not! I'm drinking coffee. At 10:13 PM.

WHY would anyone be drinking coffee out of a soup mug this late at night?

Well, so I can stay awake to go get my teenager. And her friend. And the boy that lives across the street. From the dance. In town. At midnight.


I took 2 cat naps already lol. Figured I better drink some coffee or I'm going to die on the road between here and the school.

So back to the mug, Grandma P loved Campbell's kids so we inherited these mugs. Scott discovered that they work great for coffee! So now we drink coffee out of soup mugs every day! Currently I'm drinking coffee, out of Grandma's soup mug, wearing my OTHER Grandma's robe that I inherited. Kind of weird when you think about it!Pin It

1 comment:

Katrina :) said...

That is what I get to do tonight! :) Their Homecoming game was last night and the dance it tonight. I am already sleepy. LOL Guess I need a nap.

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