Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I almost died last night!

I've been good lately about taking vitamins and my medicine before going to bed. A couple of the vitamins are rather large so I've started cutting them in half. Last night I thought I'd cut each half in half again since I've been having problems swallowing them. So I swallow the first few pieces and then



cough cough cough

sputter sputter

Scott's yelling from the other room

"What are you doing???"

Thinking in my head

"Trying not to die! Hope you get up before I go all the way out!"

I'm standing over the sink retching.

He finally comes in the kitchen still yelling

"What are you doing!"

I manage to get out "CHOKING!"

Finally I could breathe again. It never came up and not sure if it went down or just dissolved. But WTH?? Why do they have to make those things so fucking big?? In this day and age I'm sure they can find some way to compress those things to make them smaller.

I threw away the last of it and will look for SMALLER vitamins when I go shopping.

Being healthy shouldn't almost kill you.Pin It


Sarah said...

I personally agree! These HORSE pills are aweful I am taking. Glad your DH was so helpful!! NOT! Gotta love them! Glad you threw them away! Don't need you killing over on a vitamin! Your title scared me $hitle$$!!

Susie said...

That sucks Julie! Scary stuff! Glad you are ok now! Your telling of you story is very funny! Find a small vitamin let me know!

Angie's Spot said...

Seriously, what is up with the horse pills?!?! That's why I refuse to take any vitamins because I'm afraid of what happened to you. Glad you came out of it ok!

♥ Becky ♥ said...

I HATE swallowing pills and I mean HATE it!!! I gag even on birth control and those pills are little. Good thing I got fixed, don't have to worry about those anymore. :-)

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