Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vent Post

Feel free to skip over!

I'm feeling rather bitchy at the moment. I've been awake since FIVE even though I don't have to get up until at least SIX because my husband likes to go in and out the noisy door of our bedroom 12 times, turn on the light in the bathroom and leave it on and make tons of noise in the morning. As soon as he FINALLY leaves our neighbor turns on his big diesel truck and lets it run for 1/2 an hour. It's so big it makes my whole house vibrate.

Then it's time to get up!

So anyhow. I was in an ok mood but I think I'm just tired now. I went to go pick up Jessica from church and there was a fire truck there and an ambulance.

Insert Instant Mommy Panic Here

I call her and she says some kid passed out. Someone was giving him CPR. Think he had a seizure? Think he has asthma. Then I DON'T KNOW all rude like.

Sheesh excuse me for WORRYING about your ass.

:::Crosses arms in pout mode:::

Oh that trip next weekend?

Yeah think I can't swing the $50 (especially NOW since you are so rude!)

How you like them apples???

Anyhow. On the way home she's complaining she is hungry. I told her money is a little tight right now, she can eat when we get home (it's like 10 minutes!). She's all WHY is money so tight?

UMMM hello?? Mommy has no job?? Bought new car when she had a job. Now has no job to pay for car??

So she told me I should get a job at like Taco Bell or somewhere.

I said yeah then see how often I can drive YOUR ASS around. Like NEV-ER. I'd be working ALL the crappy shifts I'm sure.

Besides that the crazy lady works at Taco Bell and she freaks me out. They'd surely put me on HER shift.


We can eat top ramen.

It's ok.Pin It


Sarah said...

Yeah funny how the taxi doesn't work when you have to work...hmmm. Amazing what kids take for granted. Whaaat? No more sonic? We're HUNGRY...uggg. So understand! :O(

Capricorn said...

I have 2 blogs. 1 public. 1 private. Im pretty sure your part of both of those.
I switched blackberrys and lost almost everyones a.i.m.

Anonymous said...

Kids, they are so grateful and understanding, aren't they?!!! Hope your day gets better.

Chris H said...

You can vent, kids are SO. NOT. NICE.... why the hell did I have 8! Someone had it in for me.

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