Friday, October 17, 2008

I :Heart: Thrift Stores

Today my mom and I had a date to go hang out. First thing on my agenda was to check out this thrift store I hadn't been to in a couple years. I always forget that it is there. The store has TONS of stuff but it's rather unorganized, kind of dirty and nothing is priced. BUT I got this for $30!!

I'm going to put it in my bathroom since the cabinet I had in there is falling apart and I need somewhere to store all my towels. I've been looking for something kind of like this and everything was so expensive. My mom is going to help me paint it.

Before I left the thrift store I asked the woman if she would hire me to organizer her store but she said she had her 4 kids working there to help her. My mom says I should go back and make friends with her so she will hire me lol. I felt like Monica in the Friend's episode when Ross dates the girl with the dirty house.Pin It


Chris H said...

What a score !!! And it is gorgeous to boot.
The fish story: Stew (me darling) has always called me "The Old Snapper"... meaning I jump down his throat too often I think!!!! Or that I'm grumpy! Whatever! I am an OLD SNAPPER.... ha ha ha. Isn't my new fish lovely! The picture Rick did for me is for our tattoo, when we eventually get it.. I can't have another tattoo until I stop taking the blood thinners... still some months away. Hope you are having a good ... Friday! Saturday here.

Barb said...

That is the best piece of furniture ever! What color are you going to paint it? We just picked up a headboard & footboard on Craigs list and I'm thinking of painting it white but throwing a dash of pink/purple/orange/yellow in there!

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

That is SO pretty!! I go to a local consignment shop all the time (I take all my stuff there so I don't make money, I just use my credit to shop!!) but they never have as good a deals as this one!! I need to sniff around some more. ;) Oh, and my cat talks to us all the time too.

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