Monday, October 20, 2008

Day with Mom

Today I had another day with my Mom. My plan for today was originally to get some cleaning and grocery shopping done but a day away from home running errands with my Mom sounded a little more exciting.


So first we went to her house by me to get a french door that originally came from my house to take to her OTHER house to store. When we moved it we saw that one of the lower glass panels had gotten broken. Which started the "if your would have moved it when I asked it wouldn't have gotten broken".

Then we drove the back way to Stockton.
Which goes through the ghetto.
And scares me.

She thinks this is faster because it's a direct route. Nevermind that you have to stop at all the stop signs.

We went to the key place so she could try again to get extra keys made for her house but they had signs they were only accepting cash and checks so that didn't happen.

Then we went to Beverly's crafts. That place is fun to walk around. I got a couple of cute stickers for Jessica's scrapbook.

Then by the Vet's office to get a refill of some meds for her dog but they wouldn't give them to her. She has to bring the dog back tomorrow for a check up.

Then to her house to unload the door.
Then lunch at a place called Moo-Moo's Diner. Very yummy!
Target next (that's always fun!)
Then home.

Whoop whoop wasn't that an exciting day???

I'll go to the grocery store tomorrow.
That ought to be exciting!

P.S. If you type in "girls in car" into google images make sure your kids aren't paying attention.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

I always feel drained when I go somewhere with my mom. Only because she always wants me to lend her some money. So, I guess, in a sense...I AM drained.

Stacey said...

Gosh that sounds exhausting! Many days I do love to run around and visit a bunch of stores.... especially when I have money to spend! :-P

Heather said... sounds like a busy day. The grocery store is always a hoot. Good times.

Chris H said...

Grocery shopping... is the pitts!!! You have fun now! And type in just about anything on google and you can get smut! Big Toes.... horns.... you name it!

Connie said...

Stockton always scared me; specifically the Target parking lot because I had a brush with an attempted robbery ~ with my kids. Thankfully we were outa there shortly after and living in a quiet town north of there. I'd love to go shopping with my Mom but that's no longer possible. Enjoy it while you've got it.

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