Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I went to the Pumpkin Patch with Trevor's class (and my Mom!). I took about a billion photos (click to make larger). It is still hot here so it was a nice "warm" day at the patch!

The kids started up by lining up along the fence (but don't climb it!) Nephew on Left, Trevor on Right

Oh huge pile of big tractor tires to play on!

Wow that's a really nice flower!

Trike race, just about ready to start!

Cousins neck and neck

Of course my kid gets the messed up trike with the handle that keeps flipping over.

Lunch time! Hope you brought your lunch, all they have to eat is an ear of corn for $3 here!!

Wow let's go on a really boring hay ride in the hot sun. CHEESE!!!

Wow someone really needs to stop eating 2nds!!

Well lookie there!! It's a big ear of corn with a face!!

Oh look, now we are on a boring TRAIN ride pulled by a tractor.

This is my mom's "I'm not impressed" look.

Can I have some privacy please??

Apparently Mom's hands are TASTY!

My son getting attacked by a baby goat (ended in a scream of TERROR! LMAO)

These 2 slept the whole time we were in there! I wish I could sleep that sound.

This was a pretty neat thing they made

These big pumpkins cost around $45

Aren't we CUTE!

He did a snow angel IN THE SAND right after I took this. ICK.

Ah TG we got our Pumpkins!

Don't drop it now!

All in all it was fun but could have been an hour or two shorter! Everyone ended up in the kiddie section with the sand box/bounce house since there was shade for parents.Pin It


Sarah said...

YAYYY a post! AHHH the sweet memories. We will miss that place this year! Gotta love it. You didn't do the pumpkin cannons? Busting a gut on the pic of your mom..that is the WTF look more like..haa haa. :O)

Kitt said...

What a fun outing! Gotta get my pumpkin soon.

Capricorn said...

Trike race. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Stormys school has nothin cool like that.

Susie said...

LOL I'm kind of over doing the field trip thing myself! They really are too long! Great pictures at least!

Heather said...

That was all at the pumpkin patch??!! I wish we had one like that. Ours is just a big, boring field of pumpkins.

Connie said...

Looks like a really great day. I would have so gotten in on the trike race!

Barb said...

Great pics ~ miss the pumpkin patches. Here ~ if you get a pumpkin any more than 2 days before halloween it'll wilt. and $45 for a pumpkin? I sure hope it turns into a carriage to take me to the ball!

Katrina :) said...

Fun fun... i want to go...

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