Tuesday, December 27, 2011

She'll Be Gone Before I Know It

Well it was back to work today. Can we get a little ::::booooo::::hissss::::: I was really surprised to see so many cars when I got to work today. I thought more people would be out on vacation.

I got my last paycheck of the year today. I made the most money ever in my life and I'm still poor. How does that work??

Work wasn't very exciting except for someone having a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ERIC!

I had to leave before cake since Jess was waiting for me at the AT&T store.

Her phone has really crapped out (no longer charges the battery at all and the sliding part just slides freely) and she was set on getting a new iPhone. I have told her that I'm not paying for the data plan for an iPhone. She said she will pay the extra money for that and paid the upgrade fee for her new phone. Gotta love Christmas money!

On the way home I got the mail and she had an envelope from one of the colleges she has applied for. Nice and thick. She got an acceptance letter for Humbolt. So she's been accepted there and Fresno now. Which just happens to be the two schools that almost everyone I work with went to. How funny is that? She's holding out for Monterey still. Hopefully we'll hear from there soon. I did good this time and didn't totally cry my eyes out. Just a little misty. I can't believe it's really not that far off and she'll be gone.

I've been picking up around the house a bit. Meatloaf is in the oven for dinner. Some people love it, some hate it. But it's easy and filling so they'll just have to deal! I need to have Scott get the Christmas boxes down so I can put everything away, the stuff is just starting to annoy me now. Ready for my house to be clean and tidy!Pin It


Jennifer Owens said...

Wow college letter acceptance time - congrats to her too so far! I hope she gets in to the school she wants!

I'm ready to undecorate as well. I think I probably will on my day off Friday. I'm ready to go back to normal and clean!

Eric W. Harper said...

Thanks for the love!

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