Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Working The Corner. And The Kitchen.

It's not even eight thirty and I can hardly keep my eyes open I think I went to bed a tad bit late last night.

Six o'clock comes early. I used to get up at five thirty but Scott took over making lunches so I've stretched it out to about twenty after six on some mornings. Any later than that and I am taking the kids to school instead of putting them on the bus.

I've been pretty busy at work still. I had to take an hour out of my office work to go out and pull weeds and pick up trash. I asked my big boss where I signed up to do this kind of work when I got my job. She says she's sure it's in there somewhere. LIES! 

So we went out there and we were trying to pick out weeds with no hand shovels, in ground that should have been watered a bit to loosen things up, when I noticed that there was a truck parked on the curb. It was a red pick up, lifted, with super dark windows. I asked some of the other girls if that truck was parked? We all kind of stopped and looked at it for a minute (the windows were too dark to see inside) and then it finally took off. I'm pretty sure it was a creeper whacking off to us bending over to pick up weeds. 

Things have gotten pretty big since October of last year. I can't believe that was only a year ago. I can believe that I was complaining about working out there then too haha. I'm such a whiner.

Tonight for dinner I made this fantastic soup. I made a turkey on Sunday. I've never made soup from a turkey before but all the book club ladies were talking about how all their kids were so wasteful throwing away the turkey carcass. I usually throw it away too but I wasn't going to tell THEM that. So this time I thought I'd give it a try. I boiled the bones and then picked them clean. I didn't have any carrots for the recipe I was going to use so I just put the broth in the fridge.

I picked up carrots yesterday so today I made this "After Thanksgiving Turkey Soup".

I only used one container of the broth I had so I put the other one in the freezer. I can see myself making this again really soon. It was REALLY good.

I also made this Baked Ziti Recipe that I got off Pinterest. Mine turned out way saucier than theirs. I think I maybe didn't put enough of the pasta in it. Do you find yourself trying to do conversions when you are cooking with recipes? It said 4 cups of cooked noodles. So I look at the box and it doesn't say how much dry is going to make how much cooked. Dry is two ounces, eight servings in a box.... I find myself Googling conversions so much lately. I went with half a box, which according to what I found online should have made four cups. I think it was a little short. Maybe my box wasn't 1/2 full?

One good thing about it was that it has a marinara recipe in with it. I think I'd leave out the sugar next time though. I thought it was too sweet. Also? It needs meat. 

I called my step mom while I was making dinner and told her happy birthday. They are going to come to our house for Christmas (actually the day before Christmas Eve) this year. Which made me start thinking that I need to start organizing my thoughts a bit better. I got out a notebook and started writing things down and it's going to be a busy next two weeks.

 Today was payday. I guess that means I should buy some Christmas presents? So far I've got like 4 things. Maybe I could just wrap the cash in boxes so they look nice under the tree? Sounds more fun than trying to find stuff in the stores full of idiots.
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