Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

My Dad, Step Mom and my Step Brother's son came over for dinner last night. I made a HUGE lasagna (and a second normal sized one to take to my Mom's for Christmas). I got some of those Normandy frozen veggies (always makes me think of Sarah) from Costco and a mixed salad also from Costco. All pretty simple. I've never made that much lasagna at one time though so that was a bit of a challenge. It all turned out good though!

Table is set. Not too fancy. I somehow don't have any large Christmas table cloths. I will be looking at the after Christmas sales for one or two.  I brought in our little table so everyone would fit. I love sitting at the table with everyone. It's so much better than everyone balancing plates on their laps everywhere.

We never moved from the table and just sat there chatting (well except Scott and the kids, they came back and forth).

I think this is the best picture I've ever taken of my Dad. He hardly ever smiles in pictures.

My fantastically talented Step Mom

The kids played some Playstation, Wii and finished off with Jenga!

I think it's so funny when people say I look like my Mom because I really think I look like my Dad. What do you think?

Scott and Jess

My Step Mom made me this fantastic keepsake box. I was looking at it this morning and it must have taken her hours to make.

I'm pretty sure each one of these little pearls is glued on by hand.

AND she made me my favorite dessert in the world, Coconut Cream Pie. No other CCP tastes like hers. I would seriously rather have her make that for me than give me presents :)

It's almost 11 and I still need to take a shower so I'm thinking this making Christmas cookies this morning probably isn't going to happen. The neighbors are coming over after the Raider's game is over and then we are going to the in laws.

Here's a wonderful Christmas Flash Mob that I saw on Facebook this morning. I had to pause it to get tissue since it made me all wheepy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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sarah said...

Haaa haaa! I was reading that (about the veggies) and thinking, YUM..I haven't had those in while. Glad you think of me..hee hee! :O) Miss you!

Chris H said...

Wow what a fantastic box!

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