Monday, December 1, 2008

Old Pictures 1938-1939

I've been working on my Grandma's old pictures today. Scanning away! Think I am going to try and get them all done by Christmas for my Mom and put them all in a book instead of in a shoebox
Here's my Grandma and a kitty cat. Grandma was a huge animal lover. That's HER mom on the stairs. She looks kind of pissed off don't you think?

A cool old car. Look how short her dress is!

The back of this picture says they are eating pine nuts. That's my Great Grandfather with the hat, great grandmother looking at the camera. Grandma kneeling on the right and I think that's her baby brother next to her mom.

Check out the hat!!

Looks like it was a nice family outing, everyone is dressed nice.

Family posing with dinner?

This is such a cute picture. Grandma and her brother.

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Chris H said...

Isn't it lovely looking at your old family photos! My mum had suitcases full of them, which will no doubt end up in my house one day.... hopefully not for a bloody long time though!

Kellan said...

Posing with dinner - ACK! Look at those fish!!! Love the old photos - very cool!

Have a good afternoon - Kellan

~Sheila~ said...

Wow. Such nice pics.

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