Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Playing Opossum

Aren't these the ugliest little creatures??

Pic stolen from

When ever I hear or see anything to do with Opossums I think of the time when Jessica was a baby. I was all Martha Stewart like back then (before I knew who Martha even was) and did cloth diapers. That was back when NO ONE used cloth diapers. No one cared about being green or being frugal and yet I was both! Anyhow, that phase didn't last long.

But back to the story. We were going camping and since we were going to be gone I thought that was a great time to put the diaper pail (left over from when I was a baby) out in the garage with a little bit of bleach water in it.

When we got home I was out doing laundry and noticed a trail of ants. I looked inside the diaper pail where the ants were marching to and OMG. ICK. Dead baby Opossum.

Yeah so whenever I see a picture of one of those ugly little things I think about the time I killed one on accident. Sorry guy. But you really were ugly.Pin It

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Most babies are beautiful, those ones sure ARE NOT. They would give me nightmares!

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