Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Tree Is Up!

So I got out the tree and then spent a couple hours trying to figure out why all the lights wouldn't come on.
Finally gave up and started to remove the one strand when I figured out that I didn't have them all plugged into eachother.
The tree is in 3 parts and has 3 or 4 separate strands that you plug together.
Talk about freaking annoying!
While I was doing that Melissa's friend came over and they went for a walk while the boys got under, behind and around the tree trying to help me. hehehehhe yeah eventually the cussing made them back up I think lol.
So finally got them all lit and rewrapped on the tree and the boys started decorating it.

Melissa finally came home after they were about 1/2 way through the ornaments.
She wasn't too happy about that.
I told her she should have come back sooner!
Jess was too busy talking on the phone in her room to come decorate :sniff: :sniff:

At least the tree is done now(still need to find the tree skirt, hope I didn't throw it away). Trevor keeps telling me I need to put presents under it while he's sleeping lol.

I had to give the dog a bath. While we were working on the tree she got out and rolled in some kind of crap somewhere. NOT NICE. God she stunk! So the poor dog is wet in the winter and she still smells a bit. Don't know WHY she thinks she has to do that. You'd think after the bath she got a few days ago OUTSIDE with the HOSE she wouldn't do it again but I guess she's a bit slow. At least I was nicer than Scott and put her in the tub with warm water.

Tomorrow I'll have to get more Christmas boxes out and put more stuff up!

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Sarah said...

I love your tree! So pretty! We don't have ours up as it will be for only a week. I will just have to come admire yours!! :O)

Susie said...

I'm jealous you got any help from your kids! It looks really pretty! Bailey and Emma maybe each but 5 ornaments on. Austin came out and put one on and Kacey never even bothered to come down stairs! So I don't have any pictures this year! LOL

Chris H said...

Your tree is freakin beautiful!

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