Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures

Every year we take our Christmas card picture on the night of the school Christmas program. I know, it's late but I usually just hand out the cards with the Christmas presents. I'm a slacker and don't usually mail them.
I told the kids, time for pictures! Two out of three were ready and OMG how cute are they :O) Jessica did Melissa's hair. I was like wow I can see your eyes!!

There we go, big sister in the mix. Hey Melissa, what the heck kind of smile is that??

Well that's a little better. Trevor, you're trying to hard!

Still trying too hard.

That's better!
My Mom came by so we handed her the camera to take a picture of all of us. How cool we might have a FAMILY picture for Christmas!

Ummm when did Melissa get so stinking tall? I mean it's ok you can't really see my body but you should probably be able to see my face.

Yeah, that's not working very well.

Better! (Notice Melissa took her hair down already lol) What is Trevor doing??

Hmm something was funny, Jessica looks really weird lol

The dog was trying to figure out what was going on but we couldn't get her to turn around. THAT would have been CUTE.

Better, think this is the one I used lol. They are all blurring together now.

Ok we are done, CHEESE for MySpace!

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

YOu got several good shots there! I liked them anyway!

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