Monday, December 22, 2008

It's can't be almost Christmas

Really! Where are the days going??? The day after tomorrow is Christmas Eve so that means tomorrow is my last day to bake. Ummm yeah we haven't even picked out what we are going to make, let alone buy the ingredients yet. What happened? Where did the days go?? It seems like we usually have a few more days of the kids being home before Christmas. It must just be because it's on Thursday this year that is messing me up. So I guess tomorrow we'll start off the morning by figuring out what we are going to make and then making a trip to the store to get everything.

I just got done wrapping all the Christmas presents. I really felt like I hadn't bought much but everyone has pretty close to the same number of presents and it kind of looks like the tree threw up so it's all good. I do think I should probably get one more little thing to set out with Jessica's Santa gift (whoops hope all you readers know that I'm Santa, if not SORRY!)

Jessica had her guy friend over today to hang out. Then one of her best friends came over (she's trying to hook them up), and THEN her boyfriend came over. So I had the 4 of them all here at dinner time. I made some hamburgers and some mac & cheese. I forgot to set the timer on the mac & cheese though so I messed it up. Seriously they must all think I'm a horrible cook because how hard is it to cook a box of mac & cheese?? Anyhow, they all seemed to have a great time and the bedroom door stayed open for the most part. Our house is small so I can pretty much hear what's going on from any room in the house and they were laughing and having a good old time in there. No long quiet moments lol.

The boyfriend is going to Tahoe for 6 days. I feel kind of bad for Jess but at the same time I'm doing a little YES!! (raise arm and punch the sky) because I don't have to worry about them sneaking out to hang out together. Last night when I was going to bed I noticed the front door was unlocked. I always lock the door before I go to bed. It was REALLY cold in the hallway so I opened Jessica's door. Well tried to anyways since she had a full laundry basket pushed in front of it. I opened the door and ummm hello?? No Jessica. Window was open a crack and the screen was off. NICE. So I looked the window and the door and went to bed. The only other way to get in the house is through the sliding glass door IN MY ROOM. Hahaha that was kind of funny when she came back in. I was going to lock that door but thought that would be kind of mean. We had a "discussion" this morning and I told her that was her one free pass and if she does it again she will NOT have a door and will NOT have a phone to start off with. Her friend is spending the night and I just went and checked a few minutes ago and everyone is accounted for. Going to check one more time before I go to bed. They BETTER be in there or I'm freaking going to kick some teenage ass.

Anyhow, wow where did that rant come from??

Took Jess to the ear doctor this morning and her holes in her ear drums from her tubes are NOT closing up (well one ear is and one is not). We have to go back in a few weeks to recheck. Let's all pray they are closed up since we have a $2500 deductible before the insurance pays anything and only about $600 in our HSA. That will NOT be a fun way to start off the year.

I really need to finish printing off all my mom's pictures. That and the baking are all I need to get done for Christmas. I worked on them a little bit but ran out of one of the ink colors again. I've only been getting one at a time since those little fuckers are ten bucks a piece x six. I finally realized that the value pack doesn't have as much ink in them and I have about 4 of light blue and pink. Apparently I don't do many pictures with those colors!

Well YAWN it's 12:00 am. Last day to make cookies. Better go to sleep I guess. As usual I'm the last one standing around here!Pin It

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