Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day doesn't quite suck

We always go to my Mom's house on Christmas day. We go as soon as we are done opening presents at home. This year was no different. I almost went Christmas Eve night since it was feeling so sad. For me, this is when Christmas really starts!

My Mom's tree with my nephew posing with his gifts from Santa. I think that board is as big as he is lol.

Santa fills stockings for EVERYONE.

Jessica got a new crown in hers.

We always open presents youngest to oldest. Everyone waits (sometimes impatiently) for their turn lol. Trevor has been the lucky one to have been the youngest for 6 years. One of the only times it pays to be the baby.

I won't bore you with the rest of my pictures (since most of the rest are on my mom's camera!)

My Mom got me a new BIGGER crock pot (which is what I asked for) so I'll be visiting the crock pot lady's site a lot! I also got some Christmas ornaments and bathroom accessories and towels (cash, cash, cash is good in the future..)

We played a ton of games all day. It was really nice! This is the first year without my soon to be ex sister in law who usually sat around a bit grumpy. My little brother's girlfriend is getting more comfortable around our family and we had fun hanging out.

I made a lasana around 2 and my step dad put in the huge prime rib he bought. It was his first time cooking one but it came out great! He also made meatballs (he's 100% Italian so you gotta have Italian food for Christmas!) Dinner was just great.

I helped my mom clean up and then we played Christmas Bingo. Jessica got a bit bent because my nephew won 2x in a row. Trevor was being all sad that he didn't win too. My baby brother won 2x so he let Trevor have one of the presents which was nice of him. That was about the only rough part of the whole day. Who would have thought, my kids, poor sports :eyeroll:

After that we started playing spoons. It was both my brothers, baby brother's gf, Jessica, Scott and Me. It was a lot of fun. Jessica once again was bent that she got out first. We played for a good couple hours and then it was time to go home.

While the kids were getting situated in the car Jessica's tote bag fell out. Of course we didn't know that until after we got home and she was flipping out that she couldn't find it. I had to call my mom and they actually found it out on the sidewalk. Which is surprising because things get stolen really easily in her neighborhood.

All in all it was probably the best Christmas ever since I've been an adult with kids. I guess that makes up for the Christmas Eve.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...


Glad it was wonderful.

Katrina :) said...

Looks like everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! Yay!!!

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