Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Father In Law!

Today was my father in law's 80th birthday.
My sister in law and her daughter came and made us all dinner.
It's fun to watch the kids play together.
My niece is the same age as me so our kids are all about the same ages.
(Sister in law is the oldest of 6, Scott is the youngest and a mid-life suprise baby)
All the boys checking out what Grandpa got

Look at this adorable present!

Other Sister In Law who had to eat and run got him this hat lol

Dawson and Melissa, he's older by a few months and she's about a head taller!

Father in law and sister in law

Happy Birthday to you....

Love watching little kids' faces!

Mother in law, Niece and Jessica messing with her phone
(how do you like her hair that's her natural curl)
These 2 didn't even get up to sing!?!

Must have been cartoons on TV..

10 years ago we thought FIL was going to die. He had to have a quadruple bypass and then had to have a pace maker and a stent put in after that (seperate times).
And here he is at 80!

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