Sunday, December 28, 2008

ahhh ick

I was busily putting away the Christmas Tree and all the ornaments today. (Target has ornament boxes on sale for $6 and some change!). After I did that and put away the tree I went around the house gathering all the Christmas stuff and putting it on the kitchen table so I can put it all away tomorrow. (It's too dark to go out to the shed tonight.) Then I went around and cleaned up today's mess.

Then I was exhausted.

So, I decided to take a bath. A nice hot bath ahhh doesn't that sound nice to relax in the tub? So I went in the bathroom and locked the door and amazingly no one bugged me the whole time I was in there. While I was laying there in the tub I was remembering why I don't usually take baths.

1. Looking at the underside of the soap dish that is connected to the wall. EWWWW must clean that tomorrow

2. Our tub is slanted so I can't lay down in the tub and have my whole body under water. My nipples stick out. Seriously. Totally sucks.

3. For some reason the water slowly drains out while you are soaking. You can seriously plug the tub, fill it up and come back later and all the water will be gone. While I was in there half the water went down the drain.

So now tomorrow I have to clean the tub. Jessica cleaned it yesterday but her version of clean and mine are obviously not the same.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

our tub sucks too. We don't actually have a faucet to fill the tub so we use the shower head instead and that takes forever, especially if you want to bathe the cat.

LUCKY! You have your Christmas decor down already. I deflated my Santa train and the dogs were able to reach it through the gate and tore it to shreds.

Sarah said...

Know what I do?? I take a hand towl or big town and cover myself and rewarm as needed..HELL if my nipples are going to freeze..figure they are small enough without freezing off!

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