Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Price of Conserving Gas

Today Jessica had softball practice at 5:30. She gets done with summer school at 1:30 and we live 13 miles from where everything is at so I thought we'd stay in "town" in an effort to save on gas and get some errands done.

Problem was I didn't have all that many errands to do.

So I pick her up and we go to the library. We browse a bit and get some books. Back out to the car. We only spent $1 on one book in the books for sale room and it's one she's been wanting to read. Good deal!

Hmm it's about 2 now. What should we do now??

Oh yeah I need to go to the bank. Deposited my sad little unemployment check and then we were done.

What next? Oh you're hungry??

ok we'll go to the mall and have something to eat and walk around a bit.

Oh look we are almost out of gas, might as well get it here since I haven't went to the store again to get my 10 cent discount again. UGH only $4.50 a gallon. Sheesh $67 to fill up!!! God that sucks. Good thing we are staying in town so we don't waste anymore gas.

Ok here we are at the mall. Umm Chinese food my favorite. Everyone wants Chinese. $17.63 for a late lunch early dinner for 3. Linner as we like to call it. OUCH that was kind of expensive..

Done eating, let's go walk around a bit. Ok you go to Hot Topic and I'll follow Trevor around he wants to go in the book store. Hey I found the book you need for your English class, did you get it from the library yet?? No?? Ok I'll just get it for you. You know, I have my Barnes & Nobles membership and we get a discount now! Ok it's $10.50, almost a dollar a page! Sheesh.

Well it's only 3:00 now what are we going to do?? Ok we'll go walk around some more. Hey Trevor, you want to go to the play thing. You know that FREE thing you can play on and Mommy can read sister's book? Ok! Let's go!

Oh wait you want to go in the shoe store?? Ok go ahead we'll go down to the play thing. Wait Trevor, why do you want to go in Big 5?? You want something?? What do you want? I'm not buying you anything in this store, we spend enough in here for softball stuff! I'm sorry. NO! We aren't getting anything here!! Ok we are leaving!! I don't care we are leaving!!

What?? You don't want to play?? Ok we'll go back over to the shoe store and see what your sister is up to. No you don't need new shoes too. No, you aren't getting new shoes. NO I am NOT buying you new shoes until school starts. Oh there's Jess, she's ready she found some tennis shoes. Her other 12 pairs aren't good enough anymore for PE. Wow these are really ugly are you sure you are going to wear these?? They are so cute?? Ok. Are you going to buy them? Ok, save your money I'll get them for you. $16.15 for ugly plaid shoes. Yikes. Stupid ugly shoes. She better freaking wear them.

I'm sorry Trevor! What! What do you mean you didn't get anything and you want something! What do you want?? Ok we'll go walk down here. Ok let's go in Sears. Oh look Movies, you can get a movie. Please hurry up and pick a movie I've had enough of this place. Ok it's only $16 for a stupid movie let's go check out. Wow it's on sale, only $10.76!

Ok I'm done with the mall let's go. Where's the car?? Oh there it is. Sheesh I really need to start paying more attention to where I park, that's kind of embarrassing. I must be getting old..

Ready to go. Oh man it's only four fifteen!! We still have about an hour to go. Sigh. Oh look we never got your hair cut yet did we Trev! Ok we'll go get a hair cut. Never mind it's kind of way on the other side of town. It's something to do and it will keep you busy. Y

Hey Jess, we forgot to bring you water for practice, why don't you run next door to the grocery store and get a water. I have some money in my wallet there. Just take that $5 bill.

Oh your back and you a buck left. $3.28 for 2 waters! Way to shop!!

Yeah we are done and it's time to go to softball now! $17 with tip for a 5 year old buzz cut. Weren't those like $8 when we started coming here about 4 years ago??

There you go Jess! Yep Dad will pick you up on the way home from work. See you when you get home.

So let's see, how much money did I spend today??

Book $1
Gas $67
Linner $17.63
Book for school $10.50
Ugly shoes for PE $16.15
Movie so Trevor "gets" something $10.76
Water $3.28
Hair cut $17.00
Price of staying in town to save gas=$143.32 - $67 for gas since that SHOULD last a few days = $76.32


I think Thursday we'll just come home!!

Edited to add: OMG I just totally fucked up my template and thank God I got it back this far. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.Pin It


Connie said...

bToo funny! I am laughing with you 'cuz this has happened more than once with us. Thanks for the reminder about August Rush. Another family mentioned this movie a while back and I had forgotten to rent it ... over to NetFlix I go! See ... when I want I can save some gas!

Gina said...

Yes I know how you feel. It happens to me aswell.

love and hugs xxx

Mama Dawg said...

I changed my template, as well and I almost lost everything. Made me sick to my stomach.

matchbox20girl said...

OMG! I'm LMAO cause we do this ALL THE TIME!! You crack me up, girl! Glad you were able to save some of your blog...cause I like reading it.

Heather said...

Oh, I have had SO many of those afternoons trying to kill time and ending up spending money. Yeah, sometimes it's cheaper just to stay at home.

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