Friday, June 20, 2008

Ok Mom!

Jessica's friend is spending the night. I beat them to the computer. I have half an hour! So sorry if I don't get to your latest blog entry before my time is up!

This is so me..

OK!! Down to business!! I only went to town 3 times today. Plus another city and then another city. Freaking spent all day in the car and used up the last of my gas I bought on TUESDAY!! Insane! So I had to put another $70!!! worth of gas in my car!

BUT, my middle child is home from camp! She had a lot of fun but apparently she didn't eat much, she's been eating since she got home.

Jessica's play for church is D.O.N.E.!! That will save me 2 trips to the other city a week (plus going to pick her up so actually 4 trips per week).

So we are down to summer school and softball.

I need to go to bed soon. Tomorrow I am taking Jessica and her friend to Warped Tour. I'm so freaking stupid for doing this. I hope they have beer or some kind of alcoholic beverages available. Stupid me should have just spent the money to bring MYSELF a friend to hang out with. I know the girls are going to ditch me right after we get there. AND we are spending the night in the city so I won't be back until Sunday. So don't miss me too much and have some sympathy for me. I'll be with her loudest friend in a really loud place ALL day tomorrow. HELP!

Well my time is up so unless I get on here for a sec in the morning I'll see you Sunday!Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh your life is crazy! And with the gas prices the way they are, this must be hurting your pocket. Poor you, I hope there is lots of beer there for you to drink!

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