Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's official!

I'm a bad mom!!

Took Melissa to the dentist today and she has a mouth full of cavities AGAIN. UGH. He said maybe it's from her eating too much processed foods, not enough dark green vegetables (don't think she's had one since she was tiny), and maybe because we have well water and drink bottled water not the tap stuff they add crap to. So $365 later (with my 40% off friend's discount) we will have to go back several more times to get her teeth fixed up. :sigh: Guess I won't be vacationing in Hawaii anytime soon!Pin It


Chris H said...

Shame about your daughter's teeth! the kitty pic is very cute! And my blog is supposedly OK for Elementary School to read... HELL'S BELLS !!!! I am in shock, does this mean it's ok for little kids to read my blog .. with the words: Bugger, bloody, fuck, etc in it??? Weird!

Dirty White boy said...

so..was it a baby tooth?
also...nice pussy pic. I mean. cat photo. I mean,...well you know what I mean.
Nice. Lifted my day.

Julie H said...

Nope, it was a permanent tooth! You owe me.... oh guess we never made a final bet lol.

Glad I could make your day :O)

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