Friday, June 13, 2008

Fantastic? Friday

So this morning I went to breakfast with my friends at IHOP. I took Trevor and Melissa with me. I asked Jessica if she wanted to go (she stayed home from Summer School today because she didn't feel real great), she made some kind of grunting noise and rolled over so I took that as a no lol. Got there a little bit early but my friends were right behind me. Trevor was already flipping out before they got there and I knew it was just because he needed to eat but it was still annoying anyways ;o). He ordered a Rooty Jr. and actually ate almost the whole thing plus part of my pancakes!

After breakfast they wanted to go over to the mall. I knew we weren't going to last long because walking around the mall with Trevor is like taking the a kangaroo with you. We made it through one store and he was already having meltdown. So I told them sorry we had to go and he cried all the way from one end of the mall to the exit that his legs hurt, wanted me to carry him (he weighs over 60 pounds so that isn't an option anymore) and that he didn't want to leave. Um yeah that's not my kind of fun, walking around the mall with a hysterical 5 year old.

As we were leaving the parking lot I remembered that I needed to get gas and we had no milk or water left at home so I decided to go to the grocery store. He was actually pretty good there since he could ride in the cart and I bought him some gum. Kids love gum.

Then it was to the gas station so I could use my 10 cent gas discount. I WANTED to wash the windshield of the car off but someone was AGAIN using the squeege thing to wash their whole freaking car. Why do people do that?? If you want to wash your car go to the freaking car wash, I just want to get my country bugs off the windshield! Of course the guy wasn't done until my $65 worth of gas was.

OMG my freaking kids are driving me nuts. I can't even finish my post. How much longer until school starts???Pin It


Mom2FiveBratz said...

I feel your pain.

KatBouska said...

School doesn't start for us for two more years...the countdown has begun. ;)

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