Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm freaking tired

The great bedroom swap of 2008 is now complete! Stay tuned for the recorating.

Jessica's room:

Was Jessica and Melissa's room. Took down top bunk and all of Melissa's stuff. Plus about a million other things that were all thrown onto the floor. Gotta love 14 year olds that want their own room.

What needs to be done:

1.)Take out carpet and either get a big rug or new carpet, probably big rug.
3.)Curtains for window and maybe for closet (used to have bifold doors but they kept falling off)
4.)New bedding and maybe new bed if I can find a good deal somewhere
5.)Fix curtain rods to new levels

Melissa and Trevor's room

I cleaned all the toys up from here. Took out the old bed, put up bunk beds (they were my moms when she was a kid!)

What needs to be done:

1.)Find a gender neutral theme
3.)Curtains for window and door
4.)Maybe area rug
5.)Fix curtain rods to new levels


I really should take a shower now hehe. I just cleaned up the kitchen and I'm boiling potatoes for the potato salad I'm making for the Graduation Party tomorrow!Pin It

1 comment:

Insane Mama said...

We switch rooms around here al the time, my husband says I do it when I have PMS, it is such a pain, but a great way to clean under the beds

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