Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm exhausted

No idea why really. I didn't do anything too exciting yesterday except make 3 trips into town and back. Yep THREE times.

Oh and I mowed the back yard but that's not very big so it didn't take very long or too much effort.

I went over my brother's for a little while last night. I went to pick up Trevor but ended up sitting outside talking. Our cousin, who is the same age as my brother just "moved back" from Missouri.

Cousin a kind of long story, but I'm procrasinating so how about I tell it?

I remember when I was little and my mom and cousin's mom were pg at the same time. It was kind of neat. But cousin's mom was kind of wild, as was my uncle. They were the party and drinking all the time type of people. You, the ones that can't just have a drink or two but have to get to the point of being REALLY LOUD and causing a scene.

So apparently she either drank and/or did drugs when she was pregnant with Cousin. When he was born they had to take him to some kind of specialist because his eye ball bounces back and forth. It's not a lot but just enough to make you go WTF?? is wrong with that guy!

Anyhow, of course Cousin's mom didn't hang around very long. So he was left with his alcoholic father to raise him.

Which of course turned out about like you would expect. He dropped out of high school not too long after he started. Didn't really ever have a good job, drank, did drugs and got into trouble, and eventually moved back to Missouri to be with his mom and older brother who has a different dad.

The story is that he was doing pretty good in Missouri. Had a job, somewhere to live, got his driver's license, etc. He's been there for quite a few years. But for some reason he decided he was moving back here.

So I saw him last night.

He is missing a front tooth.
Has no job lined up.
Is going to live in his Dad's house.

He brought a six pack of beer to my brother's house and wouldn't put it in the fridge since he'd just drink it.

Anyone else thinking this is not going to turn out good??Pin It

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April said...

Um... I think that guy is my cousin too. We actually have a few of those. On my mom's side. On my dad's side we have snobs. That's why I am so well rounded. I know which fork to use, yet I'm super good at bowling. I'm socially adaptable.

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