Monday, June 23, 2008

Warped Tour

So we started off Saturday morning by getting up really early for Warped Tour. Hubby dropped the 3 of us off at the Bart station. We didn't even have to wait just walked right on a train, that was cool! Got to SF and then went to find the Hotel. We walked the wrong way I think at first but we finally found it. We stayed at theGrand Hyatt. We got there early but they let us check in early which was nice! So we got up to our room to drop off our extra stuff. The girls were looking out the window and OMG! You could see people in their showers in the building across from us! WTH??? After we all got done busting up about that we closed the curtain lol.

So we still had a couple hours and we were all hungry so we went out in search of food. Finally found a Jack In the Box. We were waiting in line to order and this bum woman with no shoes and hardly any teeth was saying real low to Jessica's friend. "You said you'd give me a dollar!" But she's whining it. I was like WTH?? Megan kept annoying her so she moves over to me. "will you give me a dollllar?" Of course I'm like um no. She goes around and asks everyone there. Everyone says no. So she goes over to the garbage can and pulls it out and gets a cup out of it and starts slurping off it. A girl that works there got the manager and he's telling her to leave and she's just standing there slurping on the cup. Finally she goes outside, just as this guy throws down his lit cigarette. She's all "THANK YOU" and snatches it up and starts puffing on it. Then walks off following some people down the street. I was "well girls, welcome to San Francisco!".

Ok so we get done eating and then we go find the bus stop that I had printed out from online. We get over there and get on a bus. The bus ride is taking FOREVER. It's supposed to be like 5 minutes and then we would trade buses. So Jessica is FREAKING OUT. I got ask the bus driver and he said we got on the bus going the wrong way. SHIT! So we get off and get on the one he tells us, which goes back all the way from where we just came from, past where we got on and towards the correct direction. This is taking even longer and it's now after 11, the offical start time for the concert so she's just totally pissed off at me that I got us on this wrong bus and we are NEVER going to get there and we are going to miss all the bands. So finally we get to the transfer point but we are supposed to walk a block or so. At that point we see a Taxi and I called to him to ask if he was busy and he said no so he flipped around and we took a taxi the rest of the way. WHEW!! Here they are in the taxi after she was done flipping out.

Funny, they don't look stressed out at all do they!

So we get out of the cab and start walking up and there is a band outside selling their cd. So the girls stop and talk to them and get them to sign their shirts and buy a cd and get their picture taken.

We get inside and there is this guy LMAO

After this point they ditched me, which I knew they were going to do. So I wandered around looking at booths and people with interesting body piercings. Ended up sitting and standing under tents for shade because it was freaking HOT. This is SF people, it's not usually hot here! But of course it's all on asphalt so it's going to be hot. So after a couple hours my head was doing the pounding thing that is my warning that "you will be sick". So I called Jessica (she checked in every hour or so) and told her that I was leaving and I'd get her directions on how to get back when it was over and met up with her and gave her $20 just in case they had to take a cab.

I wandered out and there is a train right across the street. Hopped on there and rode it right down the street from the hotel and walked to the hotel. HOW EASY! Sheesh don't know why that stupid thing online told me to use the buses when that train was right there and it cost the same thing. (a whopping $1.50!) So I got back in the hotel room, wrote down directions turn for turn and then took a cold bath and watched some tv and snoozed. And went to the bathroom.

When I flushed the toilet it didn't go down. OMG how freaking embarrassing! So I had to call down to the front desk and they sent a guy up with a plunger. And let me just say it wasn't a "yellow let it mellow" situation. So I thought I was going to die for a few minutes lol. So he gets done and leaves.

The girls were ready to leave around 6 so I walked them through how to get back. Other than her stressing about getting the ticket thing to work and if they were supposed to be still walking up the street when they were one block away they did fine. She's such a stresser, she definitly doesn't get that from me! So much like her dad sometimes!

Anyhow, so by the time they get back I had went pee, and once again the stupid toilet wouldn't flush! Called back downstairs, same guy comes up. I was like sorry! He starts telling me basically that the toilet paper they have is too thick and not to use so much. Yeah ok, this is a freaking hotel get a toilet that can handle the paper or paper that will work for the toilet! So finally he gets it to work. I told the girls don't use a lot of paper! He's going to get mad if he has to come back. Aren't you glad you don't have that job. Yuck.

So after laying around for awhile we went down to Macy's and had dinner in their little food court, then back up to the room where we ordered Fool's Gold to watch on tv. I dozed through most of it. But it wasn't that good anyways.

We all went to sleep and around 8:30 Megan's mom calls. She is FLIPPING OUT on the phone and Megan is all "I'M SLEEPING!". I don't know what the hell she was yelling about. She called back one more time and Megan repeated the whole thing over and she hung up. So I was wide awake and watched some tv. The girls finally got up around 10. We hung around the hotel until almost 12 and then checked out and walked down to the mall to go to the food court there for something to eat and then caught the Bart there in the mall back home.

So other than the messed up bus ride we did ok with the whole public transportation thing. I wish we had trains like that here! And that Bart actually came all the way to our city.

Here's a few of Jessica's pictures from the concert. I think they had a lot of fun! Next year I'll ride to the concert with them then they are on their own lol. I'm just going to go shopping at the warf or something!

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Anonymous said...

I think I would have had a gigantic headache after a day like that! Glad you survived it all!!

Jennifer Owens said...

Haha, that toilet situation was hilarious! That's one of those - must laugh so we don't cry kinds of moments. Looks like a fun day! Toilet issues and all. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

-Bridget said...

What an adventure! LMAO about the toilet! I would have died!

Dirty White boy said...

1. Didnt I SAY it was going to be hot?
2. do you now see what I was saying about the alchohol and that you would puke?

Retro Girl said...

Whew what a day!!

Why don't hotels have a plunger in every bathroom? I never understood that...I think with hold them and make guests call, just to embarrass them. lol.

Glad y'all had a good time despite all the obstacles!

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)
Come see me again...hopefully when I have more happy posts!

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