Monday, June 9, 2008

How cruel can you be???

While we were in Vegas we saw this on the news.

It's a story that's had the News 3 phone lines ringing off the hook. Six kittens were sealed into a block wall at a local apartment complex.

We first told you about it Tuesday. The cats were rescued after someone tipped off volunteers from an animal sanctuary. Although there is an open investigation with Las Vegas Animal Control, many say the punishment may not fit the crime.

"Since we got the big chunks we're working itty bitty piece by itty bitty piece," rescue volunteer Ginger Mudry explains.

Since Sunday, Mudry has been carefully removing urethane foam from the coats of 5-week-old kittens. Six kittens were all entombed in a block wall at a local apartment complex by someone spraying the unforgiving insulation.

While no one from Las Vegas Animal Control is able to comment on the ongoing investigation, we asked a county officer what generally happens with this sort of case.

"When we can prove a case of animal cruelty we file a complaint with the District Attorney's Office. They're all misdemeanor violations that we allege," Greg Wallen with County Animal Control said.

And that is something that may surprise you.

"They're all misdemeanor violations," Wallen reiterates.

With a few exceptions, animal cruelty in the state of Nevada can net little more than six months in jail and/or $1000 fine. The only way to change the law is to lobby the legislature. Call your representative and complain.

"It's unfortunate but you do see some pretty terrible things people will do to animals," Wallen said.

Last year County Animal Control received 4,000 calls about animal cruelty. About 600, or 15-percent, resulted in prosecution. As for the kittens, they won't be ready for adoption for at least a month.
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Gina said...

It's the same over here. All that happens is that the people are banned from keeping that type of animal for a length of time. there's nothing stopping them going and getting a different type of animal though. It's disgusting.

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the mentality of people who can puposely harm another human being, animal or living thing. Even people breaking branches on trees for the fun of it is horrible. Our world is so precious and we don't take care of it or each other. I live in Nevada and there are some wonderful people here but then there are some horrible, evil, twisted people here too. Glad the kittens got rescued though.

Tonya Staab said...

OMG those poor little kittens. That's absolutely disgsusting. How can people be so cruel.

Insane Mama said...

omg... People who hurt animals only get fined 1000. That is like a slap on the wrist. Sick
Poor kitties!

leezee52 said...

OMG....tears are streaming down my face!!!

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