Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'm taking a break.

I was trying to put together the bunk beds in Trevor (and soon to be Melissa's) room. Since they have been sitting there for like 2 weeks and Scott can't seem to find the time to help put them together.

Jessica was freaking out about wanting her room cleaned up and Melissa helping, which of course Melissa doesn't want to do. And the room was clean until Jessica dumped out the whole freaking closet onto the floor.

So I got tired of hearing her and screaming back and forth with her and went and took down Trevor's old bed. Then started putting up the bunk beds. But there are no boards to hold the mattresses up and the boards from Trevor's bed don't fit.

Called my mom to see if she has the boards she took off of it and she's looking. I could cut down the boards from Trevor's bed. If I knew how to use the saw. Not really thinking it's a good idea to go learn how right at the moment. So I have crap all over.

Not like that's anything new. I think I need a drink.Pin It


Anonymous said...

I'm sending you a virtual martini and clinking my glass with you. *cheers*

Insane Mama said...

I have crap all over too
Lets just be thankful that it is not literal crap

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