Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My kids schedule is taking over my life and other ramblings

Seriously! Maybe 14 year old should be able to drive. Or maybe we should have public transportation a little more accessible! Her schedule is killing me!


Get up at 6
Take shower
Leave at 7
Drop her off at Summer School which is in town 13 miles away.
Drive home
Get friends mom to pick her up after summer school
Leave at 4:30 to pick up from friend's house
Drive to another city to take her to church for play practice (starts at 6:30 so drive slow and hang out in parking lot for 1/2 an hour)
Take little kids to McD's and read my book for 2 hours until it's time to pick her up again
Go home


Repeat of yesterday morning only hit snooze bar 100 times and skip the shower.
Leaving in a few minutes to go pick her up and deliver her to
Softball practice (down the street from where she is at but she doesn't have her stuff!)

Going to call Dh and see if he will pick her up or if I have to hang out for 2 hours.

I feel like my whole day is in limbo to when I need to pick her up and deliver her somewhere.

The schedule for this week is:

Monday: Summer School/Church
Tuesday: Summer School/Softball
Wednesday: Summer School
Thursday: Summer School/Softball/Melissa to the dentist 1 1/2 hours away (for big discounts!)
Friday: Summer School/Church
Saturday: Hoping no SOFTBALL PLEASE!?! If so Dh is taking her!!
Sunday: repeat of Saturday.


Called the phone insurance thing and getting a replacement for DH's phone he wedged in the chair 1 day after I paid $150 for a new phone for him.

Called the car insurance and getting a new windshield for the truck we can't afford to drive tomorrow (having them come out to the house to do it). This way I can put the insurance down to the minimum instead of full coverage after I get it fixed (will wait a week or so lol).

Called this highlights magazine thing I keep getting in the mail that my kids open before I can send it back and cancelled it.

Now I only have one more thing I've been procrastinating at to do (phone call-wise).


Earlier today Melissa tells me she thinks she has a cavity. So I look in her mouth and she has a HUGE hole in one of her molars. UGH. Jared and I were fighting over if it's a baby tooth or not but I think it's NOT and I'm hoping that they can fix it or that he is right and it's a baby tooth and they can just yank it out (nice mom!). Sucks to not have dental insurance.

We used to always go to my friend's husband. He is a dentist and last time we had the whole families' teeth done but mine in exchange for me doing a vacation scrapbook for her. (SWEET!)Pin It

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Connie said...

Sounds pretty familiar schedule wise. We have one week before the crap really hits the fan so I plan on tkaing full advantage of it.
I think Dentist make more money now a days than doctors ... I will encourage mine to look into a dentistry career.

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