Monday, June 9, 2008

Gotta Love the Government

I FINALLY got my first unemployment check the day we got back from Vegas. I was a little confused though.

The check was in English but the rest of it was in spanish??

Apparently I changed languages sometime from when I last talked to them and someone forgot to tell me.

In a seperate piece of mail I got another paper that is all in spanish. No idea what the hell that says.

Hope it's not too important!

I called them and told them I speak english and have no idea what they were telling me on these papers.

The guy said he'd change it to english in the computer.

Hopefully it worked and I won't be getting papers in some other language next time.Pin It


Connie said...

Let's just hope the bank cashes it in english ...

Anonymous said...

It's funny because even though I am divorced, I kept my married name which is Hispanic, so I get all these sales calls and people start talking in Spanish immediately and I'm like "hola, no habla espanol", but because I have an English accent I sound like a right foreigner to them and then they are just confused!

Mama Dawg said...

How funny and so like our government!

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