Monday, April 16, 2012

Out With The Kids

Well I don't know what you all have been doing. Not commenting on my blog apparently! Probably out frolicking in the sunshine or something equally enjoyable. I spent Saturday afternoon doing I don't know what.

Then I went over to my friend's house and watched her get ready to go out for like two hours. Even if I take my time it might MAYBE take me an hour to get ready to go somewhere from the time I get in the shower until I walk out the door with extra make up, straightened hair and jewelry. AND I have kids. Apparently I'm a bit more on the simple side of "dressed up".

Speaking of getting dressed up I have hardly any tops that don't look like a lose bag on me. I'm a little excited for payday to come tomorrow so I can go buy myself some tops. Food would would be nice too. I think we have a few things of "cup of crap" aka soup up in the cabinet that we might be having for dinner. I just ate some left over beans I found in the back of the fridge. If I die later we'll all know that they were a bit past their prime.

Here's a bad cell phone pic of me right before we went out (way under dressed in jeans). Look I'm wearing heels. I wore them all night and didn't die. Can I just say that I cannot WAIT until there is no extra neck roll. Going to be the highlight of my year.

So anyhow my friend and I went out to The Ave. Originally we were going to to go there for dinner and drinks but we missed dinner time so we went to BJ's for that. BJ's has a lighter menu too. I'm loving all these places with lower cal meals. I had the Chicken A La Fresca and subbed out the rice for more veggies. Apparently double up on the veggies means you get TWO slices of zucchini instead of one and a lot more tomatoes. It's ok though it was still good.

Back to The Ave, I had been there once before with the same friend. Last time we went there it was a bit warmer out and when we sat outside we got dive bombed with bugs. This time we didn't have that problem but I couldn't help feel that I was like the mom in the room. The basic age there is like 25 with a few "older" like 50ish couples around. I think I prefer my little country type bars better. Less fake sophistication and a lot more Wranglers.

To make the evening more exciting my friend was talking up this little short guy that was drinking champagne. They are just chatting along when this other guy comes up. Champagne guy says something about getting registered for his classes (which means he's probably 22) and then all of a sudden the new guy reaches over the little half wall and tries to punch him. He misses. Champagne guy puts his glass down and takes off after the guy where they take turns throwing punches. No one actually makes contact. Next thing I know he's back sipping his champagne. The fighter guy is walking down the sidewalk and the next thing I know he's throwing punches with some OTHER guy. Once again no one actually makes contact. Next thing I know they are all gone. Yep, that was about the excitement of the night.

At least if you were at a country bar they know how to fight right?Pin It


Annsterw said...

Sounds like it could not even be called a fight! HA! Still nice to have a fun night out with friends though!!!! Now, back to the dive bars with you - HA!!! They are my favs too!

Jennifer Owens said...

Wow, you look fabulous girl! You deserve some shopping - go get yourself some non-baggy things! (o;

Oh and I love BJ's. Restaurants feel more accomodating these days with some tasty and healthier options.

Anonymous said...

you look GREAT!!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay this is reason enough to stay home and drink. :-)

You look great Julie!

Katrina :) said...

Did I miss the post about what you have been doing to lose weight? Fill me in please. :)

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