Sunday, April 29, 2012

Super Busy Saturday!

What a crazy busy day! Started off my morning by driving to San Jose to pick up my tomato seedlings from Finny! I got to meet Bubba and Jada and see her cool meadow, vegetable garden and bees! Pretty damn exciting! I only got partially lost on the way there.

Google Maps has some 'splaning to do about their crappy ass directions. When you get off the freeway and it says "continue on" but you have to pick if you should go right or left? Not good. Especially when you pick the wrong one but don't realize that until it's pretty far away!

After our visit I drove back home, grabbed Trevor and walked down to the car show. There were a lot of cars this year! My friend Eric from work and his wife came to hang out with us. My friend Lupe worked for part of it and then her fiance came out to meet us. Scott and the girls all came down at one point. It was a nice day and we pretty much just hung out and talked and had a few drinks. Good times!

Check out this fabulous slide they had to keep the kids busy.

I think they should put this up every weekend and I'll just send my kid down to have fun. I'll even send snacks ok? Love that it was free too!

Before Trevor went in the water thing he took my camera around and took pictures of all the cars he liked. Pretty much anything with flames!

After we got home we were starving and realized it wasn't too late for us to join the rest of my family for my dad's birthday (I had made plans for the car show before the birthday plans), so we drove over to my brother's house. Had dinner and hung out and then drove back home.

In two minutes my oldest will be is now 18. 


Tomorrow Today we'll be going to the beach. 

I guess I'll put away the 12 loads of laundry later, we only live once right!

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Christine said...

Looked like such a fun day!!! I want to try out that slide!!!!

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